The largest producer in Japan! Hoshiimo(Dried sweet potato) from Ibaraki Prefecture

We share our love for Hoshiimo, dried sweet potatoes, from Ibaraki Prefecture to you.
We are committed to maintaining our crops 100% natural, which is what makes our Hoshiimo the top quality in Japan.
We feel very pleased to connect with you to share our knowledge and for more people to love what we produce.
Sweet potato goes a long way - safe and delicious nutrition boost for people of all ages.

Kiraku Corporation President &CEO
Osamu Takanuki

About Hoshiimo(Dried Sweet Potato) About Hoshiimo(Dried Sweet Potato)


Bean knowledge of Hoshiimo(Dried Sweet Potato) Bean knowledge of Hoshiimo(Dried Sweet Potato)

According to the "Sweet Potato Encyclopedia" (summary of the Association for Promotion of Potatoes),
It is called "Mushi-Kiriboshi" ,which is steamed, sliced and dried sweet potato. Hoshiimo is general name.
It is a nourishing national food that has been loved since the Edo period.

Our product ~Beniharuka~

Our product ~Beniharuka~ Our product ~Beniharuka~

Even among varieties of Satsumaimo(sweet potato), Beniharuka, which has a sweet taste and a smooth and creamy texture is very popular. Beniharuka is a new variety registered in 2010.
In addition, Beniharuka contains a great deal of yalapin that helps to relieve constipation.

Nutritious Values of  Hoshiimo(Dried Sweet Potato) Nutritious Values of Hoshiimo(Dried Sweet Potato)

Hoshiimo's natural and sole ingredient is 100% sweet potato.
Sweet potato holds nutritious necessities including vitamin E, various B vitamins, potassium, dietary fibers, and iron.
It is especially rich in potassium and dietary fibers.
Potassium helps with reducing inflammation in the body and prevents high blood pressure, caused by over consuming high-sodium foods.
Dietary fibers help maintain a healthy blood-sugar level, whilst controlling cholesterol absorption and digestive processes.
Tubers and roots are known for containing high levels vitamin B2. By dehydrating the sweet potato, the nutrients are concentrated creating a superfood that cannot be made any other way.

Nutrient Sweet potato Steamed sweet potato Baked sweet potato  Hoshiimo (Dried sweet potato)
Calorie 132kcal 131kcal 163kcal 303kcal
Protein 1.2g 1.2g 1.4g 3.1g
Dietary fiber 2.3g 3.8g 3.5g 5.9g
Vitamin E 1.6mg 1.5mg 1.3mg 1.3mg
Vitamin B1 0.11mg 0.1mg 0.12mg 0.19mg
Vitamin C 0.03mg 0.03mg 0.06mg 0.08mg
Vitamin B2 29mg 20mg 23mg 9mg
Potassium 470mg 490mg 540mg 980mg
Calcium  40mg 47mg 34mg 53mg
Phosphorus 25mg 19mg 23mg 45mg
Magnesium  46mg 42mg 33mg 93mg


How to make 'Hoshiimo'(dried sweet potato) How to make "Hoshiimo"(dried sweet potato)

How to make 'Hoshiimo'(dried sweet potato)

Why Ibaraki Prefecture? Why Ibaraki Prefecture?

Ibaraki Prefecture is the largest producer of sweet potatoes in Japan.

  • WIND

    The sea breeze in the summer and dry wind in the winter are suitable for the drying in the sun.

  • SOIL

    The red clay of the Kanto district is rich in iron oxide and minerals. The drained volcanic ashes intensify the sweetness of the sweet potatoes.

  • SUN

    The sustained contrasting weathers of the Ibaraki summers and winters result in a rhythmic and effective mass production.

Farmer's ideals Farmer's ideals

Katsuhiro Terenuma of "Terunuma Katsuichi Shouten" which has been growing and producing aguricultural products for over 200 years in Ibaraki.

Mr. Terenuma

"Natural Farming" in pursuit of "Reliable and safe food"

Mr. Terenuma is thoroughly committed to 'reliable and safe food'. He grows his sweet potato with great care by natural farming without any chemical fertilizers and pesticides or herbicides. Guided by Mr.Akinori Kimura who is widely known for Miracle apple, Mr.Terunuma's Sweet potato grown by Natural Farming is full of vitality, and natural nourishment.

What is "Natural Farming"?

Natural farming is adding no pesticide, no fertilizer or even no organic fertilizer. Inspired by the power of nature that is often taken for granted, we let nature lead our way. We follow nature's fundamental methods of harvesting, and are here only to support its progress rather than to impose artificiality and interrupt processes.

Our Product Our Product

Whole Dried Sweet Potato

Whole Dried Sweet Potato

Whole dried sweet potato is dried without slicing.
Even if it takes time to dry, the center of the sweet potato remains moderately soft.
You can enjoy the taste that is different from dried sweet potato slice.

  • Whole Dried Sweet Potato/150g

    Whole Dried Sweet Potato/150g

Dried Sweet Potato Slice

Dried Sweet Potato Slice

Sliced dried sweet potato with a palm-sized cut is like high-quality Japanese sweets, using "Beni Haruka" organically grown with chemical-free fertilizers.
Enjoy a beautiful, bluish-colored dried sweet potato with sticky texture.

  • Dried Sweet Potato Slice/50g

    Dried Sweet Potato Slice/50g

  • Dried Sweet Potato Slice/150g

    Dried Sweet Potato Slice/150g

Hoshiimo Recipe Hoshiimo Recipe

Tossed dried sweet potato with lemon and mascarpone

Tossed dried sweet potato with lemon and mascarpone

Antioxidant power up with vitamin E from dried sweet potato,
vitamin C and citric acid from Lemon! Suitable for skin care and fatigue recovery

  • Sliced dried sweet potatoes…100g
  • Lemon…1
  • Mascarpone…1
  • Pink pepper…appropriate amount
  • Dill…appropriate amount
  1. Cut the dried sweet potatoes into bite-size pieces after roasting them on the pan.
  2. Squeeze the juice from half the lemon and slice the other half.
  3. Find a bowl and place the dried sweet potato slices.
  4. Add the lemon juice, the lemon slices and mascarpone, toss gently.
  5. Place them on a plate and add a pinch of pink pepper and dill.